Sashimi Tuna Sushi

Sashimi Tuna ThaiFreshness is absolutely essential in our delicious sashimi, created with tender and mild slices of raw tuna. Great for when you’re on a diet and want a healthy protein rich meal.

Chicken Satay

chicken satay is a thai appetizerLean chicken breast marinated in Thai seasoning grilled on a skewer.  Serves with peanut sauce and cucumber dipping sauce.  4 skewers.

Spicy Tuna Roll (Raw)

Spicy tuna from sushi rollA spicy blend of tuna and tobiko caviar make this sushi roll a delectable must have to start your meal or to impress your guests at a Jasmin catered event. Who would of thought a Thai Restaurant would have such yummy sushi! A must try, our most popular sushi roll.

Crying Tiger

Grilled strips of top sirloin steak with chili pepper, Thai basil, cilantro, spicy lime dressing, cucumber, onion, and tomato. Served on a bed of lettuce. red-chili-30x15 


Tropical Duck

Tropical Duck Thai Food Recipe

Delicious crispy duck smothered in a red pineapple curry sauce and topped with coconut milk and served with fresh steamed vegetables.