Frequently Asked Questions

Jasmin Asian Bistro

Food Questions

Q.  Is all Thai food spicy?
A.  No. Almost all Thai food has no spice unless you want it added to the dish. You have your choice on how you would like any item on our menu.

Q.  Is all sushi made with raw seafood?
A.  No. Only certain sushi has raw ingredients. We’ve labeled on our menu the sushi items that are raw to make it easy. Some sushi rolls aren’t even made with seaweed, we have a soybean wrapper that is delicious.

Q.  Do you serve vegetarian food?
A.  Yes! Almost all of our dishes have tofu and vegetable options.

Q.  Do you serve alcohol?
A.  Yes! We have beer, wine, and sake. You can view our menu online.

Health Questions

Q.  I have food allergies, can I find something to eat at Jasmin?
A.  Yes! We can customize any dish to accommodate you. Whether your allergy is nuts, soy, gluten, shellfish etc., we can cook a meal that will be delicious and within your diet.

Q.  Do you serve gluten free food?
A.  Yes! We have an entire gluten free menu available.

Green Questions

Q.  Do you recycle?
A.  Yes! We are environmentally mindful and continue to work towards reducing our waste. The following are some of the measures we’ve taken to lessen our impact on the environment:

  • Recycle food scraps to livestock farmer
  • On-site composter
  • Recycle all paper products, glass bottles, cans etc.
  • Recycle our used oil to a local at-home biodiesel manufacturer
  • Switched to rechargeable candles from one-time use disposable
  • Installed a heatpump to reduce energy use
  • Remodeled restaurant to better conserve energy for heating/cooling
  • Magazine recycling bin for customers to bring their magazines from home to share
  • Purchase locally grown produce when cost effective
  • Use Green cleaning products

Ordering Options

Q.  Do you cater?
A.  Yes! We’ve catered large events such as an art show opening, to small family gatherings.

Q.  Do you take reservations?
A.  Yes! Call 360-629-2044 to make your reservation.

Q.  Do you accommodate large parties?
A.  Yes! We regularly have parties of six, and can accommodate all the way up to twenty. Call to make your reservation.

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